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The Langtang mountains, which surround Kathmandu, are easily accessible by day trip from the city. It is the most straightforward of the Himalayan treks to organize from a logistical standpoint. But the most devoted mountain hikers are largely unaware of this region. The Langtang Himal’s ice-hung peaks are alluring in their majesty, and the valley they overlook is a lovely spot running east-west and parallel to the Tibetan border.

Internal flights are not an issue, the passes are not particularly high (at least by Himalayan standards), and the area is well-provided with hotels and eateries.

This collection of 6000 and 7000-m summits has no well-known names. Bill Tillman initially saw the range in 1949, which sits between the Ganesh Himal in the west and the Jugal and Rolwaling Himal in the east. However, guides are still required because trails might be difficult to follow at times. In the winter of 1992, Australian trekker James Scott was lost for 43 days here.

The path across the Langtang provides a near-perfect start to the Himalayan trekking adventure, with a daily combination of challenges and rewards.