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The Ganesh Himal area is adjacent to the Kathmandu valley. Its hiking prospects are now widely known, after being a closely guarded secret for a long time.

Stunning Rhododendron forests, breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, suspension bridges, historical palaces, and traditional houses with Gurung, Tamang, and Chetri ethnic groups make this a wonderful area to explore.

Little has changed throughout the centuries as we go through lush bamboo, pine, and pine tree woods. You are completely immersed in the area’s distinctive culture, way of life, and religion culture, way of life, and religion of the area while on a homestay trip. The alpine meadows, lush terraced farms, and historic stone mills that are still in operation stand in stark contrast to the panoramic vista of the Ganesh Himal, which is 7893 meters high.

Let Nepal Everest Holidays take you on a trek that is ideal for all age groups and take you back in time for an unforgettable experience.