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DB Nepal

benedictus nico
Germany 2018

Best Nepal trip you can ever have

I went to nepal with my parents and grandma in 2018. Mr Binod is a very nice, helpful, and kind person. He brought us to all the most beautiful views, from sunrise, hills, landscape, lakes, and river. i can only imagine going back to nepal with him. one extra notes: this tour is the best if you bring elders. my grandma had a little homesick and Mr Binod handled it very proffesionally with the doctors and medical. best nepal tour in my opinion.

Alex wilson
USA 2018

15 Days Upper Mustang Trek

A few years back I visited Nepal with my friends and after lots of research on the Upper Mustang trek, I stumbled upon Nepal Everest Holidays which was a team of professionals. I provide my plan and they made a new itinerary as per my desire with a team of professional guides and a porter. Also, they provide me with one of the best rates in the market for the upper mustang trek.

Ivan Smirnoff
Russia 2022

5 days trek to Mardi Himal

The  5 days trek to Mardi Himal was amazing. I went with my family. I got the chance to explore the mountains within a short time which was a bonus for us. We really enjoyed the beautiful view of the mountains and its surrounding. Thank you for this amazing trek.

André Silva
Portugal 2022

Amazing trek to Annapurna base camp

I and my friend did this amazing trek to Annapurna base camp which was the most memorable day of our life. We really enjoyed the trek. The view of mountains, trails through the forest, suspension bridges, rivers, and streams were so beautiful. The taste of Nepalese food was mouthwatering. We were amazed by the hospitality of the locals as well. Thank you everyone for your support and for this amazing trek.

Bruna Schmidt
Germany 2022

Annapurna base camp 7 days trek

We just finished Annapurna base camp 7 days trek which was perfect. We met our guide the day before the trek and he provided all the necessary information related to the trek. The views of the mountains were amazing. We really enjoyed this trek a lot. Thank you for everything.

Carlos González
Spain 2022

Trek to Annapurna for 7 days

The trek to Annapurna for 7 days was a fantastic trek in the lap of the Himalayas. We enjoyed every moment of the trek. The view of mountains and their surrounding peaks, lush green forest, rivers, streams, and villages were beautiful. The local people were very cooperative and welcoming. We also got the chance to learn about their daily lifestyle. Everything was perfect. Thanks for everything.

Alessandra Bierhals
Italy 2022

Memorable Annapurna Circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit trek offered us a lot. We were able to witness the magnificent view of mountains, beautiful villages, lush green forests, rivers, streams, and many more. Apart from that, we also interacted with the locals and got to know about their daily lifestyle, culture, and tradition. The food we had during the trek was authentic and delicious. We were amused by this trek. Thank you for this memorable Annapurna circuit trek in Nepal.

Eloísa González
France 2022

An Annapurna circuit trek

We did an Annapurna circuit trek which was an amazing trek as we got the chance to blend in the nature of the Annapurna region. The view of mountains, temples, forests, rivers, Kali Gandaki Gorge, etc was stunning. Thank you everyone for this amazing trek.

Wesley Brown
US 2022

10 days Annapurna circuit trek

The trek to the Annapurna region was an amazing experience of our life. The 10 days Annapurna circuit trek were the most memorable days of our life. The stunning view of mountain peaks and their surrounding, lush green forest, settlements, and famous Hindu temple was perfect. We also got a chance to see the Kali Gandaki Gorge. Everything was perfect. Thank you for everything.

Saniya Sheikh
Iran 2022

Base camp Everest trek

It was my first time over the mountains and OMG the view, I am still not over those beautiful mountains. Some people say for real that “Heaven is a myth, Nepal is for real”. And the delicacies I ate there were at another level. I loved Dal, Bhaat and pickles, they were a bit spicy but were delicious. Much obliged to you guys for such a nice courtesy throughout my base camp Everest trek. I will remember you guys for my future trip to Nepal. Take care!

Ansari Zoya
United Arab Emirates 2022

Everest base camp trekking

I was planning the trek all alone. I was a bit nervous as well cause it was my first time in Nepal. I have heard rumours about the girls’ safety in Nepal but this Everest base camp trekking just changed my mind. Being a girl I never felt insecure or unsafe during my trekking days or my stay in Kathmandu. Thank you to the team for your safety concerns and comfort during my trek days. This company is worth suggesting and I am gonna recommend this to my friends over and over again.

Matthew Anderson
Mexico 2021

Trek to Everest base camp

My family and I decided to go to Nepal on the occasion of my parent’s 20th marriage anniversary. So I contacted this company. Here I found the most reliable and trustworthy trekking guides and agents. They were very responsive and helped me to prepare the trek to Everest base camp and all the trekking stuff accordingly.

During our trekking days, we met our guide and I must say, he is a really good and genuine person to be and interact with. He was friendly and helpful throughout our trek. They even helped me to arrange a surprise for my parent’s anniversary party. They suggested a cafe named Himalayan Java as one of the best coffee hubs in Nepal.

Tagy Sins
France 2021

Nepal Everest three pass trek

Hello my name is Tagy and I am from Paris. I always wanted to propose to my girlfriend in a special way. So, for this vacation I planned a trip to Nepal and was glad to meet one of the great trekking companies. With their help, I choose this NEPAL EVEREST THREE PASS trek because I don’t want just simply EBC trek. We fixed everything, then me and my girlfriend arrived in Nepal and started our trek with an amazing team. They are so kind and they help us with everything. While I plan the proposal in the base camp and thanks to the team they really helped me to arrange lots of things. While my girlfriend was shocked and happy and she said yes to get married to me. This trip will be one of the best memories for us and I would really like to thank the whole trekking team and the owner of the company for arranging this beautiful trekking trip for us, helping us and giving us the chance to see the magnificent view of mount Everest. Thank you!

John Menda Lius
USA 2021

Trekking in Everest three passes

Hi I’m John and I am from U.S.A. So the thing is I went in this trekking trip with my best buddies in Nepal. This country is truly beautiful, full and filled with lovely people. We all went for EVEREST THREE PASS trek with the great team guiding us in the whole journey. Me and my buddies just want to thanks the whole crew for taking care of us and making this trip really memorable for us. Trekking in Everest three passes was one of the wishes in my Bucket list and to make it happen with my best friends is truly meaningful for me. That’s why I wanted to thank all the team for taking us there safely and arranging all the best things during the journey. We will surely visit Nepal very soon and definitely plan our next trip with your company. But for now heartly thank you for everything.

Stephanie Moraines
UK 2021

Perfect Everest trek itinerary

Hello to the team, I am Steph from England. A Few weeks ago I planned and did this amazing package to explore the Khumbu region to experience the magical view of Mount Everest in front of my eyes. I am really happy that my dream of exploring Everest came true with their help. And I would like to thank all the team for arranging the perfect Everest trek itinerary and package with a great team for me. Although I travel solo just with the trekking team, I feel safe and comfortable and I had a great time in the whole journey. I would love to visit Nepal again and again, meet this team and explore different destinations in Nepal.

Hakim Slimani
Algeria 2021

Short trek to Ghorepani Poonhill

After completing our business in Nepal. We had some spare days so we decided to do a short trek and enjoy the view of the mountains. Then after surfing the internet, we found this short trek to Ghorepani Poonhill. We thought it was the perfect trek for us and booked it. The whole trek was stunning. The view of mountains and their changing shade during sunrise was so beautiful. That view in front of us made this trek worth every penny. Thanks for everything.

Sofía Diaz
Chile 2021

Trek to Ghorepani Poohill

The trek to Ghorepani Poohill was a short yet thrilling trek. The trials through the forest were amusing. The sunrise from the Poonhill and the mountain changing its shade due to sunrise was the best moment of this trek. This was the perfect trek for us as we were time-bounded. Thank you everyone for your support and arrangements for us.

Olivia Johnson
UK 2021

Ghorepani Pohill trek for 4 days

We did a short trek to Ghorepani Pohill trek for 4 days which was amazing. The view of sunrise and mountains was mesmerizing. Eventhough it was a short trek but the memories that we made is life long. Everything was so beautiful. Thank you for everything and for suggesting us this trek.

John Davis
US 2021

The 9 days Helambu trek

The 9 days Helambu trek was a short and fantastic trek. Everything was perfectly organized and our team was very supportive and informative. The whole trek was about exploring beautiful places and getting new and unique information along with the stunning view of mountains, forests, waterfalls, and beautiful villages. Thank you for this memorable trek.

Yasmine Touati
Algeria 2021

Helambu trek in Nepal

The Helambu trek in Nepal was an amazing experience for us. The trail through the mountain forest was so reviving and the view of mountains, waterfall, rivers, local people, and their culture, and tradition was totally a new experience for us. This whole trek was perfect. We got a lot of information about the places and people. We enjoyed it a lot. Much obliged to the team members.

Agustín Gonzalez
Chile 2021

The trek to Helambu

The trek to Helambu was one of the best treks and a well-organized one as well. We get a lot of information from this trek about the Hyolmo community, daily lifestyle, traditions, and many more. Apart from that, the view of mountains, green forests, and the waterfall was mesmerizing. Thanks, everyone for the support.

Special Thanks to Nepal Everest Holidays & the entire team for making our trek memorable.

Finn De Vries
Netherland 2021

Langtang valley trek for 12 days

Langtang valley trek for 12 days was the best moment of our life. My whole family was so happy after completing the trek. We enjoyed every bit of the trek. The view of mountains, glaciers, local settlements, and forests was beautiful. The local people were so helpful and welcoming. We also enjoyed the delicious Nepalese food. Much obliged to the company and our guide for making our days in Nepal best.

Ciara Byrne
Ireland 2021

12 days trek to Langtang valley

The 12 days trek to Langtang valley was the best experience of my lifetime. The stunning view of mountains, glaciers, rivers, streams, lush green forests, and settlements was beyond imagination. Every moment of this trek was worth it. I really relished this trek and the time spent in nature. Thanks team, for your support!

Lucas Wilson
New Zealand 2021

Trek to Langtang valley

The trek to Langtang valley was a memorable one. Everything was organized properly. Our team was very supportive and also provided much information during the trek. The view of mountains, glaciers, rivers, streams, etc was so amusing. We really enjoyed this trek. Thank you, everyone.

Christian Ramos
Portugal 2021

Trekking to Manaslu base camp

We went trekking to Manaslu base camp with the best company in Nepal. I had heard about this company a lot and when I got to associate with it, the experience was greater than anticipated. Also, the cost they offered was minimum and reasonable. With such a price, the services they offered were remarkable. Highly recommended!

Tic Tie Zang
Germany 2021

Trek to Manaslu base camp

The trek to Manaslu base camp was amazing. I had a month of vacation and I wanted to utilize it with something new and peaceful. That’s why I went to the Himalayas of Nepal. This company arranged everything for me so profoundly, that too in a short period of time. Truly appreciate the efforts of the company for making my journey to Nepal one of the best journeys of my life.

Zona Blue
Spain 2021

Manaslu base camp trek

I did the Manaslu base camp trek last summer. It was a really great adventure for me. Yet it was challenging, I was satisfied with the attempts that I made. Highly suggested trek for all the travelers who want to go up on the high points and feel the feeling of great accomplishment in life.

Jingle Menion
Lebanon 2021

Circuit trekking in the Manaslu region

We went for circuit trekking in the Manaslu region of Nepal. It was the remotest area that I had ever seen in my life. Although, there were facilities for basic needs like food, drinks, and accommodation. It was the best encounter in a simple yet thriving area of Nepal, the Manaslu region. I truly enjoyed the trekking parts and of course, the camping parts. One must go to the Manaslu at least once in a life.

Monique Kay
Sweden 2021

Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal

Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal was an amazing experience for me and my boyfriend. We needed some alone time for ourselves so we booked this tour and went to the Himalayas. It was the best adventure of our life. Going through the highs and lows of the mountains helped us know a lot about the Himalayan world. Thank you guys, for this extraordinary trip organisation in Nepal.

Jubin Khatun
South Africa 2021

Larke Pass trek in Manaslu, Nepal

I did the Larke Pass Trek in Manaslu, Nepal. It was the toughest day of the trek but was worthwhile and full of excitement. This circuit trekking to Manaslu made my days in Nepal more fruitful as I got to see lots of mountains, interact with local people, and also walk through high hills, forest, and riverside ways. It was a perfect blend of diverse beauties. Highly recommended!

Avram Albescu
Romania 2021

A solo trek to Mardi Himal

I did a solo trek to Mardi Himal as my friends were busy with their work. The trek was an incredible experience. I felt relaxed in nature. The trail through the forests was fascinating. The view of the mountains makes your trek even more adorable. I enjoyed everything to the fullest.

Rowan Ibrahim
Nigeria 2021

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is a short trek but a fantastic one. Within 5 days you will explore the villages, nature and the view of mountains will amuse you. We had a great time during the trek and all the credit goes to the company. Thanks team for everything.

Adam Smith
USA 2021

Professional company forever

Nepal Everest Holidays is a specialized company for indoor and outdoor adventurous journey in Nepal. It is a local company run by trekking experts with years of knowledge about the Nepalese tourism sector. With our step in the tourism sector, we have to offer excess information about tourism in Nepal including facts and views about different places and available tours, trekking, and adventure sports in the respective area.

We also aid local guides and porters in order to increase their income and maintain overall nations’ economy. We always focus on best sellers in Nepal and offer best and reasonable prices; packages that you can fully enjoy.